Simple and Efficient Reporting for 
Hydro-Electric Power Plants

Simple and Efficient Reporting for
Hydro-Electric Power Plants

In times of increasing energy consumption and high burdens being placed on the environment, the generation of power from renewable energies is increasing in importance. Depending on the country and the region, different priorities are set and different technologies used. In Austria, electricity from environmentally-friendly hydro-electric power dominates. The investment in hydro-electric power plants is initially relatively high in comparison to other power plants. Only when the long lifecycle of hydro-electric power plants is taken into account does the investment start to make financial sense. Meaningful reporting aids in realizing the return on investment as soon as possible.

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The Challenge

  • The pre-existing zenon project operators use for the automation of their power plant is fully developed. It works reliably and should not be changed for reasons of stability and security.
  • If a new reporting system is put into operation, operators will also want to include the data from previous reports going back years and have access to more than just the data that has been collated since the implementation of the reporting system.

The Solution

For reporting, there is HMI/SCADA Software zenon Analyzer - Dynamic Production Reportingzenon Analyzer, which is already excellently equipped to work in conjunction with zenon and can automatically take on much data.


Because it is not desirable to change the existing zenon projects, you only need to add an additional zenon Runtime as a client which carries out this task. As a result of this, the expansion can be implemented during ongoing operation, non-invasively. Existing projects are not affected.


There is also an elegant solution for the inclusion of historical data that goes back over many years and comprises an enormous amount of data: archive emulation in zenon Analyzer.


Read in the article above, how simple and efficient reporting for hydro-electric power plants can be.