Smart Grids 1:

Smart Grids 1:

Smart Grids and zenon Process Gateway

Energy supply in the USA and in Europe is changing from a highway that leads from the generator to the consumers, into a dual system. Consumers are also producers; feeding energy into the grid - and this presents energy supply companies with new challenges. How can numerous small producers be integrated efficiently?


The answer is a smart grid, which can group small electricity suppliers together to form “virtual power plants” that can be treated as though they are complete large power stations. In this way, they can be integrated into the grid and given set value requirements. Thus, the frequency remains stable in the grid. Authorities in the USA are already developing a standard that will govern this kind of operation.


Inevitably, smart grids will also require an investment in technology. Energy highways must be designed for traffic flow in both directions to ensure the control of the grid remains secure and reliable. zenon already supports the necessary technology and the relevant standards - and offers tested and versatile technology with its Process Gateway.


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