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The Future is

The Future is

People in focus in the
Food & Beverage
production environment

The production environment of the Food & Beverage industry is highly dynamic. Competitive pressure for top performance and the demand to continually improve has its effects on the production team. The demand for all team members to play a direct part in process optimization is increasing.

Ergonomics as the Key to Success

For the production team to be able to fulfill these expectations it needs to be provided with the necessary tools – an ergonomic HMI/SCADA software. This enables the users to gain:

  • Freedom in the implementation of his own usability concepts
  • Cutting edge and intuitive technologies in operation (such as Multi-Touch and mobile devices)
  • Open and independent communication with any desired system
  • Complete vertical ERP-to-HMI integration
  • Full analysis of historical data and real time reports

Demands placed on the Food & Beverage industry can be continuously fulfilled with an ergonomic HMI/SCADA software such as zenon.


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(Published in BRAUWELT International 2014/1)

The Future is Ergonomics

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The Future is Ergonomics

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