Batch Control in zenon enhances your batch production. Complete hardware independence, superior usability and comprehensive functionality make your batch production ergonomic. Become more flexible and more profitable.

Batch Control

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Batch Control

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Standard Compliance

Handle compliance more efficiently. Based on the ISA-88 standards, production processes are efficiently controlled and monitored. And, Batch Control in zenon offers full FDA CFR-21 Part 11 compliance, right out of the box.

Hardware Independence and Integration in zenon

An intelligent structure and seamless integration in zenon facilitates quick implementation and efficient validation. Hardware independency enables freedom, flexibility and provides a cost effective solution. The outstanding usability of the graphical interface allows for simple and efficient operation.

Batch Control in zenon runs in a PC or server environment, and is independent of the equipment PLCs in use.

The Batch Control Module is fully integrated in zenon. All other modules and features can be used seamlessly in conjunction with Batch Control. This facilitates quick engineering and integration in complex HMI/SCADA solutions.

Documentation and Reporting

The Batch Control environment is greatly enhanced by the reporting capabilities in zenon. Impacting and graphical production reports incorporate Audit-trail, Alarm, and Archived information. Comprehensive documentation on Master recipes and Control recipes is provided, which ensures detailed information is available for compliance to international regulation such FDA 21 CFR Part 11. Such capabilities open the system to continuous improvement of efficiency and quality monitoring.

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