zenon Batch Control

zenon Batch Control

The Food & Beverage production
represents the perfect example for
what Batch Manufacturing means.

zenon Batch Control follows the ISA-88 standard approach and was designed to fulfill solution requirements beginning from the core of the Food & Beverage batch processes.

Batch Control

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Batch Control

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Integrate into new or existing equipment

The Batch Control in zenon supports the interfacing with existing or new equipment, based on the high connectivity enabled by zenon communication drivers.


zenon Logic as integrated PLC system (an IEC 61131-3 environment) can take over basic equipment control. For the execution of the recipes, the Batch Control in zenon uses an execution engine consistent with the ISA-88 status model.


Batch Control in Food & Beverage – with zenon

A flexible and cost saving solution

The flexibility of the entire solution is made possible by the separation between the equipment and recipe procedural control. This means that the changes in a batch recipe can be realized without changes in the equipment automation and, in general, without any supplementary engineering.

From engineering to supervision - one consistent environment

The client-server technology supports the different manufacturing roles within the production teams, from engineering, to recipe management and batch execution.  zenon supervisory functionalities are a necessary part of the batch control solution: process overview, alarm and event management, graphic trends, process data archiving and batch reporting.

Recipe Management and Batch Execution

The Batch Control in zenon supports the creation and management of Master Recipes as templates for the recipes effectively used during production, called Control Recipes. The recipe procedures, as main component of a recipe, are graphically designed by the persons responsible for the product. They can choose between two different representations, Process Function Chart or Matrix, according to the complexity of the process.

The execution of a recipe in the zenon´s Batch Control offers wide mechanisms for keeping the process under control, but also for supporting adequate actions in case of any deviation from the correct path.

Summary of benefits

  • Cost-effective flexibility for batch manufacturing, based on compliance with ISA-88 standard
  • High connectivity with existing or new production equipment
  • Easy to use, through parameterization
  • Control reliability, based on status model based execution engine and status propagation mechanisms
  • Enriched solution functionalities due to integration into zenon Supervisor