Multi-Touch with zenon

The worldwide first HMI/SCADA system for Multi-Touch applications

multi touch with zenon

With zenon you can now bring this revolutionary technology to Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and SCADA touch panels!  Here, you can reach a new level in usability and reliability of plant control.

Multi-Touch with zenon

Fact Sheet

Multi-Touch with zenon

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Advantages of Multi-Touch in HMI applications at control stations / operator panels

  • Maximum operating safety
  • Increased usability
  • Reduced training time due to more intuitive handling and much more!

Examples where Multi-Touch gestures can be used:

  • Swipe in order to switch between different plant screens;
  • Zoom to plant screens using two fingers;
  • Drag and drop individual screen elements e.g. to create a personalized screen on the HMI, using various elements;
  • Specified function gestures, e.g. confirmation of an alarm drawn by a finger tick
  • Two hand operation on the touch screen (operator panel) e.g. for safety;
  • Native Multi-Touch gestures such as zooming and scrolling in zenon screens (e.g. Extended Trend);
  • ... and in many more applications.

Fast Facts

  • Use Multi-Touch gestures with zenon projects
  • HMI applications at the operator panel with Multi-Touch
  • Increase operating safety
  • Optimum usability
  • Intuitive handling and less training time for operators

zenon with Multi-Touch

Technical details

  • Multi-Touch possible from zenon 6.51
  • further Multi-Touch integration in zenon 7
  • supported Multi-Touch gestures: tap, double tap, press, drag, swipe, flick, two finger drag, spread / pinch, adjust, zoom, pan - more gestures can easily be implemented via the zenon API

Graphical possibilities in zenon

zenon offers a variety of possibilities to create high quality process screens without much effort. This way, you can produce appealing HMI SCADA interfaces offering optimal usability, in a short time. The graphical possibilities of zenon are the perfect basis to create Multi-Touch capable projects. Process images can be scaled to any size thanks to vector orientation. The fully developed graphic tools and the use of re-useable and adaptable symbols allow for speedy work.