Simple switch from FactoryLink to zenon SCADA:

Simple switch from FactoryLink to zenon SCADA:

Wizard converts projects automatically

FactoryLink has a new owner – but no future, because the SCADA system has already been discontinued by Siemens. This suggests it is a good time for FactoryLink users to make a change to a SCADA system that will, not only replace, but expand what FactoryLink has to offer. zenon by COPA-DATA is a good choice, due to its openness and the continuity it offers; a special Wizard makes switching to zenon simple and secure.

An adage widely used by Business Leaders goes like this: “If you find yourself riding on a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount!”


This applies not only to market segments and products, but even more for tools that are decisive for product quality and productivity. Dismounting is easy, but where do you go from there? You can either choose a racing thoroughbred or a mule - or worse yet, a dead mule! When it comes to visualization, HMI and SCADA, zenon is definitely a thoroughbred – an adaptive and smart racing horse. Professor Dieter Klaus Adler of the Steinbeis transfer center in Karlsruhe puts it like this: “I came to the conclusion that zenon is the de facto standard of technology and definitely the most powerful system on the market today.”

zenon works with every current Windows operating system and makes full use of all the capabilities of the different Windows CE versions. For users of FactoryLink, zenon delivers a couple of real advantages, for example:

  • Independence: With zenon, it does not matter which hardware or which Windows operating system you use. zenon connects to any PLC and a wide variety of programs. The communication protocols are all written and maintained by COPA-DATA.
  • Openness: zenon is open to other applications and a variety of environments. It adjusts perfectly to existing systems. Data from zenon can be easily used for other applications. SAP users, for example, can access processes from the ERP level via a certified bidirectional interface, making it easy and secure to use zenon data in management decisions.
  • Versatility: zenon also delivers continuous automation: one tool for all platforms and modules. Whether you use Windows 7 or CE, Web or Server 2008 R2, multi-monitor PC systems or terminals with a small display – all projects are created and modified in the same zenon Editor. This even applies to the integrated IEC 61131-3 environment straton, which can be programmed right in the zenon Editor.

How can a FactoryLink user switch to zenon in a simple and smart way?

FactoryLink users could re-engineer everything from scratch - quick enough with zenon. But why do that when there is an even faster and equally secure way? COPA-DATA provides a special Wizard to help you make a smooth and convenient switch from FactoryLink to zenon. In its current version, the Wizard takes care of:

  • The import of variable names, descriptions and variable types.
  • The import and creation of FactoryLink templates and mimics.
  • The import of FactoryLink bitmaps into the folder “Files” in the zenon project manager.
  • The import and the creation of static elements in pictures:
    • Rectangle
    • Line
    • Rounded rectangle
    • Circle/ellipse
    • Text
    • Polygon
    • Polyline
    • Pie Charts
    • Bitmaps
  • The import of Multilang texts from text elements to the zenon language tables.
  • FactoryLink fonts will be mapped to the five zenon standard fonts.
  • The creation of a symbol picture containing all symbols. You can then insert them manually into the symbol library.
  • FactoryLink symbols will be imported as picture symbols by default. If the symbols were added to the library manually, you can also import them as symbols from the zenon library.
  • The conversion of CB animations (ColorBit) from FactoryLink projects to combined elements in zenon.
  • The conversion of OBG animations (Symbols Bit Group) to combined elements in zenon.
  • The conversion of DR animations (Display Register) to text elements in zenon.
  • The conversion of SR animations (Send Register) to text buttons in zenon.

The conversion Wizard by COPA-DATA is based on VBA and its source can be disclosed to FactoryLink users so that you can adjust it to your needs. This means you have full insight into the current program code and a full overview of all processes, allowing you to individually extend the Wizard, if neccessary. The Wizard comes already integrated in zenon and can be adjusted very easily to meet your requirements. The configuration wizard has wider implications since it can offer similar benefits for the users of many other HMI/SCADA systems, provided they are working according to systematic rules and standards.


Find out now what zenon can do for you and your company – and how simple it is to switch from FactoryLink to zenon.


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