The zenon Programming Interface

The zenon Programming Interface

Simple yet powerful!

zenon can master many tasks and offers many possibilities for adaptation to meet even the most varied requirements. It can be easily configured without any programming knowledge – but it is also open to individual expansions. Users have the option to access and build on the many functions of zenon directly, via the zenon programming interface. The zenon programming interface is the main reason why zenon can be integrated so reliably into existing equipment and be expanded so creatively.

zenon 6.50 .net VSTA

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zenon 6.50 .net VSTA

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Through the interface zenon provides comprehensive capabilities to make changes through programming. It has been possible to program using VBA since 1999, and now the ability to program zenon directly with .NET has arrived, thanks to Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA). Thus, zenon is the first automation solution with comprehensive VSTA integration.


The complete integration makes it possible not only for external .NET applications to access the zenon Runtime system, but also for them to be integrated into the zenon user interface. VSTA facilitates the expansion or redesign of the automation solution – and thus creates comprehensive flexibility when developing special solutions – and even supports automatic engineering.


However, VSTA has not superseded VBA. Both languages exist in parallel in zenon. It is left to the user to decide which tool is better suited to their purposes.


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