Energy Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Energy Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Become an ISO 50001 certified company with zenon

Companies in the pharmaceutical industry can particularly profit form the new ISO 50001 standard. If your energy consumption is under control you will profit from a multitude of advantages: Sinking costs, potential profits available from funding and a climate-friendly behavior also has advantages for the image. At the same time, the margin for new implementations is very tight, particularly in the Pharmaceutical area. Because revalidations should be avoided.

ISO 50001 in Pharma

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ISO 50001 in Pharma

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ISO 50001:2011?

The standard released in June 2011 formulates specifications and instructions for an efficient energy management system. The standard provides a continuous process, but does not set the goal of reducing energy consumption at all costs. Quality over quantity. The production process should not be negatively affected in regard to quality and quantity. Therefore, measures need to be taken to guarantee optimal energy conservation and practical use, without affecting the company with business disadvantages.


A central part of the ISO 50001 certification can already be derived from the familiar PDCA cycle of the ISO 9001 (quality management systems) and the ISO 14001 (environmental management systems) standards:

  • Plan: Understand the situation and create goals and plans for improvement on the basis of energy output performance indicators (ENPIs).
  • Do: Put plans into action.
  • Check: Measure results, monitor, document and evaluate.
  • Act: Strengthen positive experiences and continue development across the entire organizational system and over various production teams.

ISO 50001 and FDA 21 CFR Part 11

With zenon it is very simple and efficient to use energy management systems for previously validated processes without having to prepare or change them. Therefore ISO 50001 compliant systems can be efficiently implemented and certified even in strictly regulated environments.

zenon as the foundation of an Energy Management System

The zenon Product Family has already proven itself in practice as the centerpiece of an energy management system. Companies, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, profit from its ability to easily integrate into existing systems. zenon already offers more than 300 communication protocols. Without direct intervention, data can be collected from various sensors, control systems, machinery and entire facilities.


zenon Analyzer can process and analyze various types of information in real time and display and present it with any form of required media. Here, data can also be integrated coming from systems other than zenon. Pharmaceutical companies thus create a basis for a modern, successful energy management system and avoid the hurdles of revalidation at the same time. Because, with zenon you can collect data without having to intervene in previously validated equipment.


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