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Removing hurdles between equipment and user interaction

Removing hurdles between equipment and user interaction

The two philosophies of Multi-Touch and Batch control in zenon

By also leveraging zenon’s strengths, Batch control in zenon and zenon Multi-Touch technology create an environment which offers complete equipment and process control, with progressive and direct interfaces; helping users to realize the power and control of both new and existing processes.

Batch Control Multi-Touch Technolog...

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Batch Control Multi-Touch Technology

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Batch Control in zenon

System flexibility is worth much in regulated environments because we know that once a system is designed and validated it is very difficult and costly to change.  Read in our Whitepaper how you can bring flexibility into your system – with batch control in zenon.

zenon with full Multi-Touch support

Once again, zenon is the pioneer in the world of process automation: by implementing into its control applications Multi-Touch technology to facilitate the creation of elegant and intuitive interfaces which can be applied in industrial applications. Read in our Whitepaper how zenon with Multi-Touch is revolutionizing equipment operation.


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