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The zenon effect:

The zenon effect:

Automate it your way

Using zenon, you can respond to all the various requirements of all your users. The needs of the system integrators are easily reconciled with the desires of the end users. zenon facilitates all your project requirements: from the design and development of a multi-monitor system by a team of engineers, through to managing the maintenance of the complete facility using a single laptop – and everything in between – and always using the same zenon Runtime.


zenon also supports the variety of different tasks in your operation. The operator is interested in different data and information than the management team or the maintenance technician. It is ideal if everybody receives a view tailored to their individual needs, because the

  • Different people in different roles work well together
  • Data becomes structured help during decision-making
  • Experts and new staff work with the same system without compromising productivity


zenon gives you many possibilities; enabling you to create your automation according to the most varied requirements - from development right through to productive operation. These possibilities include filtered views, automatic adaptation to monitor resolutions, simple reusability of projects and clever Chameleon Technology.


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