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zenon Simulation Mode

zenon Simulation Mode

Speed up the process of putting equipment into operation
and make training realistic

Clever project engineers test all eventualities before putting equipment into operation. They comprehensively check the project engineering for errors and then save a great deal of time, nerves and money when the project first “goes live”. 


In zenon, you use the integrated simulation mode for this task; a substantial expansion that came with zenon 6.50. It gives you programmable driver simulations and project simulations which provide you with tools to realistically simulate live equipment states.


How do you benefit from this? In many ways:

  • You can already simulate complete facilities before putting them into operation, without having to connect a single PLC: the programmable driver simulation can enact all the machines in the project via the integrated straton soft-PLC.
  • You can create images of these processes at any time and start a simulation with these images. In this way, you can analyze special equipment states in your own time or you can provide experts with a clear and insightful simulation instead of dry logs.
  • You can make your training really interesting and very mobile. With images of real processes and the simulated hardware, you can provide trainees with realistic environments and tasks – and you need nothing more than a PC to deliver it.


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zenon 6.50 Simulation

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zenon 6.50 Simulation

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