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zenon Trend Analysis: see what happens - zenon Extended Trend

What is actually happening in the facilities? You want to know exactly, want to analyze processes in detail, make comparisons, or simply have a reliable basis for your decisions. Use Extended Trend from zenon.

Diverse Displays

With the optional Extended Trend, you display online values and historical values of variables in curve form: as many curves as you want with different scaling and, at the same time. Each curve has its own freely-definable y-axis. And cycles can also be displayed perfectly with Extended Trend.
In addition to a time-controlled display (yt), Extended Trend can also master a locus display (xy). Because Extended Trend can display two time axes at the same time in a diagram, you can easily compare different time periods, or different batches with one another.

Detailed Analyses

zenon Trend Analysis supports the editing of both values with the same, or different intervals - including correct interpolation. Curves can be sampled with a ruler. Particularly important sections can be analyzed very precisely - simply stop the trend, highlight the desired area with two cursors, calculate the values automatically in real-time and display the results. Trends can also be copied as a vector graphic, simply printet locally, or in the network by means of the easy-to-use print function.

zenon Extended Trend

  • Free curve settings
  • Linear or logarithmic display
  • Free zooming - free scrolling
  • Transparency levels for curve filling
  • Axes can be configured
  • Grid display
  • Interpolated display
  • Surface display also for non-equidistant values