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zenon Operator - maximize usability

zenon Operator - maximize usability

More freedom and productivity in operations.

Usability trumps

Ergonomic automation with zenon Operator is determined by the requirements of the users - independent of the equipment. Optimal usability of HMI/SCADA projects provides clearly calculable economic advantages:

  • shorter training times
  • users have quicker, less error-prone reactions which increase equipment security
  • enhanced productivity with quicker reaction times and knowledge of optimization potential of the equipment
  • users have increased satisfaction and motivation

zenon Multi-Touch

Swipe, tap, zoom, bring up windows - just like when using a Smartphone or a tablet computer. zenon Multi-Touch makes operation from HMI and SCADA more intuitive as well as quicker and safer. Two handed operation, a modern design and the usual Multi-Touch gestures increase user`s attention and productivity and make working more interesting.

Ergonomic through Chameleon Technology

Projects can be adapted to various environments and people by means of Chameleon Technology. The switch of various designs takes place online in the running Runtime - just as a chameleon changes his appearance, so does the zenon interface, and this in a matter of seconds.

This offers advantages in various applications

  • screens for the information displayed
  • process screens adapt to changing light conditions - e.g. in direct sunligh
  • adjustment for red-green color blind users
  • …and many more cases

Chameleon Technology also enables the easy adaptation of projects to different corporate design guidelines: Design and functionality can therefore be separately edited.


More on zenon Multi-Touch and Chameleon Technology.

An HMI/SCADA solution which speaks all languages

Whichever and however many languages are needed for a project - zenon Operator easily integrates any desired language. Just a few clicks are needed to add new languages. Once configured, language and unit conversion can take place in the running Runtime.

zenon Recipe Group Manager

Even complex recipes are clearly managed: zenon Operator makes an individual picture of the recipe configuration available to the user. Parameters are therefore clear to assign and enter. This simplifies the correct handling for complex, comprehensive recipes.

How can zenon Operator make your HMI/SCADA project more ergonomic? Contact us for an first conversation, without obligation.