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Economic through ergonomics

Economic through ergonomics

Efficient HMI/SCADA engineering and maintenance

Simply productive with zenon Supervisor

Ergonomics in engineering - this means up to 80% time savings in engineering and considerably shortened start-up times. Quicker and at the same time reliable output with reusable elements, through numerous wizards and templates, using online updateable Runtime files and hundreds of communication protocols.

Quick, reliable and object-oriented

Quicker and at the same time offering safer engineering? No problem with zenon. Create standard configurations in minutes, add pre-configured elements across projects and use ready to use templates for a new HMI/SCADA application.

  • Intelligent wizards and templates enable a high level of productivity in engineering - even for newcomers.
  • Over 300 available communication protocols for easy integration into existing equipment or new machinery.
  • Pre-configured drivers, variables and functions can be used for any new projects
  • Create simple and quick customer-specific versions of existing projects

Productive engineering with zenon Supervisor - find out more in a conversation, without obligation.

Hot Reload: always up-to-date

Easily make changes in a running HMI/SCADA application with zenon Supervisor and play back the new parameters to the equipment. Hot Reload updates the Runtime files during operation. No restarts. No equipment stops. zenon provides an easy diagnosis and maintenance of equipment from remote.