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WinCC-to-zenon Converter

WinCC-to-zenon Converter

If you have worked with WinCC up until now, you will be thrilled by this converter. The simple conversion of your existing WinCC projects to zenon projects allows you to gain from the full potential of zenon. Make your engineering faster, more efficient and more flexible. Profit from the superior SCADA safety and from the maximum independence zenon offers.


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The WinCC-to-zenon Converter tools

Importing WinCC projects to zenon is done using two tools:

  • WinCC graphics converter: this exports WinCC graphic elements in a XML file
  • WinCC import wizard: imports data blocks, tags, alarms and archives directly from WinCC and the graphic files from the WinCC graphics converter.

Fast Facts

  • Convert WinCC projects to zenon in order to utilize all of zenon's advantages
  • Adopt existing graphics, variables etc. –considerable time saving
  • WinCC-to-zenon converter available free of charge to zenon users
  • Import via Wizards is easy to use – no programming skills required

Importable elements

Data blocks: are imported as data types in zenon. The WinCC data blocks are grouped into drivers and displayed sorted into block-type and name.

Tags: tags are imported as zenon variables. The import takes place directly in zenon or in a CSV-file.
Alarm limits: Alarm classes and alarm limits are imported. WinCC limit-texts are replaced by alarm limits.
Archive tags: Tags which are entered in the WinCC explorer under tag logging, can be imported. The import takes place into the zenon archive.
Screens: Pictures, templates and symbols can be imported from WinCC. The corresponding zenon pictures are automatically generated. The following WinCC picture elements are created in zenon. A placeholder is created in zenon for all other objects.

Standard picture elements

Standard picture elements

  • Line
  • Polygon
  • Polyline
  • Ellipse
  • Circle
  • Elipse Segment
  • Pie Segment
  • Elipse Arc
  • Circular Arc
  • Rectangle
  • Rounded Rectangle
  • Static Text

Tube Objects

  • Polygon tube
  • T-piece
  • Double T-piece
  • Tube bend

Smart Objects

  • I/O Field
  • Graphic Object
  • Windows Objects
  • Button