Always up to Speed

The production manager cannot be everywhere at once. But he still responds immediately when incidents occur. That's because he now receives the most important KPIs and alarms conveniently and quickly on his smartphone. And even if he can't respond straight away, alarms don't go unanswered. In such cases, the alarm is simply sent on to the next person in the communication chain – this all takes place automatically and can be configured individually.


  • Rapid response
  • Access to production anywhere and anytime
  • Individual adaptation to user requirements



mobile solutions with zenon

Depending on the type of application and user requirements, zenon provides various options for accessing production processes and information on the fly. This allows the CEO to access figures relating to multiple company sites, the production manager to maintain an overview of production lines at all times, and the shift manager to receive alerts directly to his or her smartphone device, for example.



Rapid access to real-time data anywhere and anytime

zenon ensures that alarms and information can be communicated via many different means – e-mail, SMS, voicemail, or smartphone app. At the same time, it enables secure access to current production data anytime and anywhere, making it easier to respond quickly to faults or incidents. All you need is a smartphone to read out performance values, respond to alarms, deal with problems proactively, and remain able to take action at all times.



Mobile solutions with zenon

zenon offers various options for accessing production processes wherever you are which, when combined, provide an optimal mobile solution. zenon makes available compatible applications for iOS, Android, Windows, and the web. The information provided can be configured to suit the user and their requirements.



The zenon Web Server brings projects to the intranet or Internet. Without having to make any extra changes to the project, zenon projects are available for visualization via zenon Web Client or as HTML5 application for the zenon Web Engine. The zenon Terminal Server also brings comprehensive projects to lower-performance devices. What's more, certain applications are available as zenon apps for tablets and smartphones – take the zenon Notifier App, for example. In conjunction with zenon Message Control, it enables alarms to be acknowledged on a smartphone.