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Distributed Intelligence and Networking – flexible, open and secure

A growing number of smart machines and devices are exchanging data via the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Machine groups, machines and components are increasingly responding independently and in real time to changing conditions and parameters. Processes run less frequently in one central system. The challenge of the digital age and increasing globalization is to manage the resulting flood of data, to make processes comparable across locations and countries and, ideally, to standardize them. This begs the questions: what is the capacity utilization in the individual systems? How does consumption differ at the individual locations? And, how do I automatically process the data in my ERP system? Only those who can answer these questions are capable of making the most out of the enormous potential of the IIoT.


The benefits of centralized control beyond automated data processing and analysis are clear. This form of architecture makes work easier, particularly in the case of geographically distributed or difficult-to-access systems, such as photovoltaic farms or wind parks.


Seamlessly implement IIoT projects with zenon Service Grid

Service Grid connects machines, processes or complete systems in networks – and does so, as usual, from zenon. In a simple and uncomplicated manner, regardless whether you want to network plants across locations and harmonize processes or integrate third-party systems and IoT devices such as intelligent energy meters or wearables, Service Grid provides a solution to meet your requirements. All of the resulting data can be stored centrally and in real time on a cloud-based platform.


In combination with third-party components or clients, such as mobile apps, MES, or ERP systems, Service Grid greatly expands the application potential of the software platform. By accessing the programming interface, you can query variable values or complete reports and process these in external clients. This enables you to use external data easily and seamlessly in the connected zenon installations. With the help of third-party applications, this provides a wide range of scenarios for further processing and data enhancement. By integrating services such as Microsoft Azure Analysis Services, you can provide customized business intelligence solutions. With the Service Grid, even complex architectures remain scalable and optimally maintainable.



  • zenon as a distributed software platform
  • Industrial Internet of Things connectivity
  • Simple and secure connection of third-party systems


With zenon Service Grid, we have expanded our zenon software platform comprehensively. Service Grid provides you with a flexible, future-proof solution that enables you to implement your individual, customized requirements even better. For more detailed information, see our fact sheet.

zenon Service Grid

Fact Sheet

zenon Service Grid

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zenon Service Grid: Upgrade to IIoT platform

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zenon Service Grid: Upgrade to IIoT platform

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