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zenon Energy Edition Online Training (English) zenon Energy Edition Online Training (English) - (TR-ON-ENERGY)

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Online Training


The zenon Energy Edition Training course will provide you with an overview of the basic operations in the zenon Energy Edition.



  • zenon Energy Edition: no prior knowledge required
  • zenon Editor and Runtime: basic knowledge is required
  • Windows: basic knowledge is mandatory
  • Automation: basic knowledge is beneficial



In the zenon Energy Edition Training course, you will complete a step by step process to learn about zenon Energy Edition: from engineering a colored network topology (ALC) to applying commands and possible protocol specifications. We will show you how to conduct topological troubleshooting with your network topology. You will gain an in-depth knowledge of the zenon Energy Edition and its possible applications in the energy industry.


Structure of the online training course:

The zenon Energy Edition Online Training consists of 5 chapters. Each chapter starts with a video that explains the goals for the tutorial. Each chapter contains individual learning units. Each learning unit consists of a video, an associated information text, and a quiz. The quiz offers verification of the individual learning curve. The zenon Energy Edition Online Training course consists of 32 course units.

The training course follows a set sequence. This means that you must complete one unit before you can move on to the next. All future learning units are locked until the preceding unit has been completed.



  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Connectivity
  • Chapter 2: Preparatory work
  • Chapter 3: Automatic Line Coloring
  • Chapter 4: Command Processing
  • Chapter 5: Projection of a Substation
  • zenon Certification Test