Stay Compatible – across Generations of Machines

The customer needs a  machine automation software update for his aging filling line. He wants to minimize security risks while also reaping the benefits of the latest version. But is that so easy to achieve? Is an update not risky for a facility which is running with no problems? For machines equipped with zenon, this dilemma is a thing of the past.


  • Low risk and high efficiency for software updates and upgrades
  • Longevity of projects and sustainable serviceability
  • Use the convenience of new zenon versions for older projects as well
  • Provides automation to newer and aging machines


Over the entire life cycle of the machine, updates to the operating system, hardware, and software version will be required. The zenon project remains consistent during the entire life cycle or can be adapted to add particular functions.


Long life cycles – for machines and projects

zenon projects are designed for longevity, as are the machines on which they run. The special approach to compatibility adopted by zenon ensures that longevity also means renewability.


The engineering effort required for maintenance, updates, and upgrades during the course of the product life cycle remains straightforward and manageable with zenon. Customers choose their production machines and their machine automation software versions with freedom and flexibility. With zenon, different machines – even ones with old and new software versions – can communicate with each other without any problems. zenon also allows you to load updated projects and install new versions during operation without the need for any downtime.



Easy maintenance of older projects

With zenon, it is possible to use different Service Engine versions on the same system at the same time, and they interact with each other. This allows your customers to use their different machine generations together in a network. As a result, even with a highly heterogeneous machine landscape, comprehensive line management or complex OEE calculations can be carried out with ease.


In the Engineering Studio, you can convert older projects to the latest version with no risk of any losses. In addition, you can also use the current Engineering Studio version to easily create a project compatible with an older Service Engine version. This way, you can use and renew projects over many years. Existing engineering services are easily incorporated into the new version and do not have to be configured again.


Upgrades and updates can be performed quickly and easily with zenon. This makes it easy for you to maintain your systems at the current standards of safety and performance.