Flexibly Configure Recipes

Recipes are at the heart of production in many industries. Custom configuration and high batch manufacturing flexibility are particularly important for machine manufacturers. The rules regarding when a recipe is still in draft status, released, or suspended must be defined repeatedly by machine manufacturers. Moreover, rules about the way in which a recipe can be used or whether multiple recipe versions are permitted for simultaneous use are also frequently subject to tailoring or revision.


  • Flexible manufacturing recipe handling
  • Gain a competitive edge through custom solutions
  • No programming necessary


After writing the recipe, zenon makes sure that all recipe values are set correctly on the controller.



Smart recipe management for batch manufacturing flexibility

For zenon, writing a recipe means to transfer it to the controller. Confirmation from the PLC is then required, signaling that the recipe has been received. This ensures that production can proceed exactly according to plan.


You can define how you manage your recipes according to your specific needs. Every machine builder has their own approach to dealing with recipes. Custom solutions with regard to recipe management set each solution apart from its competitors and provide a competitive advantage. These requirements can be fulfilled in an easy and flexible way with the zenon Recipe group Manager – without additional software or extra programming.



Implementmanufacturing recipes flexibly

The templates provided ensure quick and reliable engineering. Freely designed layouts offer all the necessary space for customized, creative implementations. The status of a recipe (e.g. draft, released) can be set according to your specific needs. You are also free to define status handling rules. Recipes can be imported flexibly from other systems and exported again for further processing, as necessary.


Of course, recipe handling in zenon complies with all important international safety specifications. It can be linked easily with user administration and is easy to configure. You can therefore define the operating tasks and who should be doing them without any problems.


The freely configurable Recipe group Manager allows you to manage even the most complex recipes with confidence. You don't need to have any programming expertise because recipe creation is performed in the usual zenon way – very easily and by configuring parameters.