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Save time on Energy Data Management

Save time on Energy Data Management

Become ISO 50001 certified quickly and easily with zenon.

Energy Management according to ISO 50001 is a cutting-edge topic in the Food & Beverage Industry. The motives for introducing an ISO 50001 certified Energy Management System are varied:

  • Legal requirements and governmental support are increasingly based on environmental standards such as the ISO 50001.
  • A 25 % rise in energy costs since 2005 forces companies to save on resources in order to remain competitive. This situation will increase further.
  • Corporate Responsibility and sustainability are becoming part of business policies for more and more companies.

Commitment for Energy and Material...

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Commitment for Energy and Material Efficiency

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The ISO 50001, however, requires a comprehensive Energy Data Management system.

Collecting required energy data takes a considerable amount of time which could be better used elsewhere.

zenon undertakes the necessary energy data collection and processing - and you save precious time!

Energy Data Management: Save time and costs with zenon

The ISO 50001 Standard is based, as are many other ISO standards, on the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP). In order to properly implement CIP it is vital to have a comprehensive Energy Data Management system. Because the required Plan-Do-Check-Act process demands the exact monitoring and analysis of recourse consumption.


zenon takes care of detailed and reliable data collection for you and offers an informative analysis. Key performance indicators, trend curves and alarm lists are just a sample of tools which will simplify your ISO 50001 implementation.

Based on the given analysis you can make decisions which will reduce resource consumption.

You can thereby work in collaboration with zenon on the basis of ISO 50001 to:

  • significantly decrease costs
  • increase productivity
  • and therefore secure your competitive position

If you have questions regarding the topic of an Energy Management System with zenon, you can contact us directly at: