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zenon System Integrator COSTRONIC becomes Qualified Partner

COSTRONIC is the first Swiss system integrator focused on the energy and infrastructure industry to reach Qualified Partner level in the COPA-DATA Partner Community.

Founded in 1986, COSTRONIC SA has established itself as an expert in the energy field. Its teams have implemented more than 2,500 automation projects. They span hydro-electric power plants and the transfer and distribution of high, medium and low-voltage power supplies, as well as road and infrastructure projects.


COSTRONIC, which is supported by the Swiss zenon distributor SATOMEC AG in sales and support, started using zenon in 2010 and has been a member of the COPA-DATA Partner Community since 2012. Thanks to the integrator’s outstanding commitment and excellent collaboration, COSTRONIC was recently awarded Qualified Partner status, the second highest in the COPA-DATA Partner Community. “In COSTRONIC, we have found a fantastic partner for the implementation of energy and infrastructure projects in Switzerland and Liechtenstein,” says Elger Gledhill, zenon Sales Manager at SATOMEC. COSTRONIC’s CFO and Chief Engineer, Michael Mudry, explains: “We are very honored to become a COPA-DATA Qualified Partner and we look forward to working together on many more successful projects in the future.”



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