Big Data and the Cloud

In many companies, production data needs to be recorded, saved, and archived for the long term at regular very short intervals. To do this, a wide variety of media, ranging from network drives and external hard drives to magnetic tapes, are used. The disadvantages of these methods are well documented: storage space can be expensive, access isn't immediate, and copies must be made before the media fails. Plus, whether the production data that has been saved can be read back again is often unclear. So what's the alternative?


  • Sustainable data archiving that can quickly be read back
  • Option for Predictive Analytics applications
  • Cloud integration negates the need for a local archive for large data collections
  • Flexible use of public and private cloud



zenon uses the cloud to store large amounts of data

zenon can be used to secure large volumes of data cost-effectively and safely in a public or private cloud. The data can then be retrieved from the cloud, as required.



Where should the masses of data go?

Numerous industries need to ensure they have a detailed archiving process in place due to legal or regulatory requirements. This often produces large amounts of data and the problem of physically storing the data archives. CDs, external hard drives, magnetic tapes, or paper are no longer suitable from a technical perspective.


zenon profits from the advantages of a public or private cloud to ensure high-performance and clear archiving, enabling you to move away from dusty archives, large storage rooms, and the risks of having media that can no longer be read.


Archiving with zenon in the cloud means that all data can be read out quickly and can be used by other applications. It doesn't matter whether it is from the last production shift or several years old – with its consistent user interface, zenon ensures maximum usability and ergonomics.



Archive large amounts of data securely

Numerous functions in the archiving in zenon provide assistance when handling very large amounts of data. The high level of connectivity that zenon offers enables data to be obtained from a large number and wide variety of sources, to be saved as required, and to be used for the purposes of comprehensive reporting at any time.


Big data applications are characterized by high performance in zenon. Its archives can reliably manage and read back even large amounts of data. The large volumes collected can be used as a database for further evaluations, such as Predictive Analytics.