Smart City Solutions for Utilities, Buildings, and Transportation

According to the United Nations, two thirds of the world's population will live in urban areas by 2050. At COPA-DATA, we see that as a mandate to use all our resources and opportunities to make a valuable contribution to a sustainable future that is worth living – with innovative solutions based on our zenon software and the latest technologies available on the market. In this area, you’ll learn everything about how and in which areas our software zenon enables the city of tomorrow.

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  • Energy

    Renewables, smart grids, substations – zenon delivers intelligent solutions for reliable energy generation and distribution.

  • Water

    Operate water and sewage networks around the clock seamlessly and efficiently? No problem with zenon from COPA-DATA.

  • Smart Buildings

    Elevators, air-conditioning, heating, lighting systems, water, electricity – a building brings together numerous systems that interlink in an automated fashion.

  • Transport & Traffic

    Efficient public transportation and intelligent traffic flow for the city of tomorrow – already possible today with zenon.

  • Microsoft CityNext

    Honoured by Microsoft in the worldwide category „Public Sector: Microsoft CityNext“: COPA-DATA’s Smart City solutions with zenon.

  • Smart City solutions with zenon

    COPA-DATA makes valuable contributions to Smart Cities and its citizens. Want to have a quick overview? Download now.

Gorenjske Elektrarne (Slovenia)

Success Story

Gorenjske Elektrarne (Slovenia)

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Leibnitzerfeld Wasserversorgung (Austria)

Success Story

Leibnitzerfeld Wasserversorgung (Austria)

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Smart City solutions with zenon

Fact Sheet

Smart City solutions with zenon

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