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zenon Logic

Efficiency and smooth Integration, from Sensors through to ERP.

zenon Logic

Integrated PLC System

With zenon Logic, the zenon Product Family boasts with an integrated, IEC 61131-3-based PLC system for maximum process control and logical data processing. zenon Logic effortlessly links PLCs and by that facilitates both process engineering and logical data management.

Dr. Ringo Födisch, Director Software Development, hte Aktiengesellschaft

on zenon:

"With zenon, we have found a solution that is streamlined, cost-effective and open. The software masters all desired disciplines."

Adam Sury, Executive Chairman, INFOSTER Sp. z o.o.

on zenon:

"In over twenty-five years working as a Computer Scientist, Systems Designer and Programmer, I have never seen such a flexible, open and reliable system as zenon!"

Guntram Rainer, Microsoft Austria

about the strategic partnership:

"COPA-DATA is one of our most innovative and reliable partners with enormous potential in the automation market. It is simply a pleasure to work with such a committed team."

Milka Vukoja, IT Engineer, Collini Diensleistungs GmbH

about the zenon SAP Interface:

„The SAP interface works absolutely perfectly and the speed with which one can access SAP data is amazing.“

Thomas Lantermann, Mitsubishi Electric Europe

about a win-win collaboration:

"We are simply amazed how quickly, easily and effectively the COPA-DATA solution was created to our specifications."


Profitable engineering

Up to 80% less time required for engineering, strongly reduced start-up times - the bottom line is: ergonomic HMI/SCADA engineering with zenon.




Efficient reusability

zenon elements are reusable in diverse applications, existing variable lists are easy to import. Additionally: templates and wizards substantially reduce engineering efforts. The generation of customer specific variants such as changes of colors, logos, drivers and other parameters are carried out in just a few mouse clicks - complicated programming becomes obsolete.


Economic maintenance

Many maintenance tasks can be performed by the user on-site and, thanks to remote maintenance, system diagnosis and online updates can be carried out during the running Runtime. More efficiency in engineering and operation.


Get to know zenon - contact us!


Flexible integration

zenon can be integrated into any existing infrastructure and is therefore a flexible HMI/SCADA solution considering the increasing complexity of equipment and system environments.




Smooth integration

Over 300 communication protocols are available for trouble-free integration in new machinery as well as in existing equipment. Offering direct access to PLCs and I/Os from various manufacturers, complete platform independency and ERP interfaces enable zenon a seamless integration from sensor to ERP.


Keep an overview

Whether it be a system environment or project versions - zenon connects. Thanks to project versioning and history of changes your projects remain clear and easy to follow.


You can find out more regarding the advantages zenon can offer in an initial conversation, without obligation.


Independent and competitive

In the increasing complex world of automation flexibility wins. With zenon you can remain open to various existing hardware and software systems - and therefore be independent in your HMI/SCADA engineering.




Freedom and flexibility

Do you need the best possible combination of hardware and software for a particular project? zenon offers complete freedom of choice in engineering. Thanks to the effortless integration of various hardware components and software systems, processing tailor-made projects becomes efficient and flexible. Guaranteed - with over 300 native drivers and supported standards.


Adaptability wins

Do you have existing equipment environments, various project versions? zenon integrates and adapts - using consistent usability, from the engineering (templates, wizards, reusable variables, project versioning, history of changes) to the user level.


Be ahead of the competition with zenon. How? Contact us for an initial conversation, without obligation.

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