zenon Operator

zenon Operator

Ergonomics meets HMI, from Configuration through to Operations.

zenon Operator

Embedded HMI System

Configure and control machines and equipment ergonomically with zenon Operator, the HMI system for all Windows operating systems. Multi-Touch technology and versatile applications make zenon clear and intuitive.

Dr. Ringo Födisch, Director Software Development, hte Aktiengesellschaft

on zenon:

"With zenon, we have found a solution that is streamlined, cost-effective and open. The software masters all desired disciplines."

Adam Sury, Executive Chairman, INFOSTER Sp. z o.o.

on zenon:

"In over twenty-five years working as a Computer Scientist, Systems Designer and Programmer, I have never seen such a flexible, open and reliable system as zenon!"

Herbert Schrobenhauser, Process Control Engineer, Adelholzener Alpenquellen GmbH

on zenon:

"We`ve been working with zenon for around 15 years because it is the most open system which allows the easiest configuration."

Milka Vukoja, IT Engineer, Collini Diensleistungs GmbH

about the zenon SAP Interface:

„The SAP interface works absolutely perfectly and the speed with which one can access SAP data is amazing.“

Thomas Lantermann, Mitsubishi Electric Europe

about a win-win collaboration:

"We are simply amazed how quickly, easily and effectively the COPA-DATA solution was created to our specifications."

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  • Analytics/Reporting
  • Visualization/Control
  • Data Management
  • Data Acquisition
  • Engineering
  • Efficient engineering with the zenon Product...

    Ergonomics in engineering [1/5] - Ergonomics in zenon starts with the continuous development environment of the zenon Product Family.

  • Project creation - quickly, intuitively and...

    Ergonomics in engineering [2/5] - Ergonomics in zenon also means that complex functionalities are available "out of the box". Without programming.

  • Integration in existing systems

    Ergonomics in engineering [3/5] - zenon easily integrates into any machine - irrespective of how old or from which manufacturer it may come.

  • Object orientation in zenon

    Ergonomics in engineering [4/5] - Work efficiently and safely. The ergonomic solution is: Object orientation in zenon.

  • Diagnosis / Start-up / Project maintenance

    Ergonomics in engineering [5/5] - Are you working with methods such as Lean Management, Six Sigma or TPM? zenon optimally supports you.

  • International and ergonomic

    Ergonomics for the user [1/4] - Operators of machines and equipment benefit from individually adaptable, ergonomic applications.

  • Usability through graphics possibilities

    Ergonomics for the user [2/4] - Short training times thanks to intuitive operation, optimum reaction times and the highest possible level of security.

  • Ergonomics from individual adaptation

    Ergonomics for the user [3/4] - Ergonomic operation of machines and equipment adapts flexibly to the requirements of the respective user.

  • Full information for the user

    Ergonomics for the user [4/4] - Ergonomic operation also means being able to react quickly and correctly. Being optimally informed is the basis.

  • zenon security

    zenon provides comprehensive protection from unwanted data loss and from unauthorized access.

  • zenon Logic

    The powerful and flexible IEC 61131-3 programming system makes the configuration of projects quicker, more reliable, better and more efficient.

  • Multi-Touch Gestures with zenon

    Reach new level in usability and security of machine and plant control with Multi-Touch in HMI/SCADA.

  • Ergonomics in the zenon network

    Ergonomics in the zenon network [1/4] - Optimal networking provides a clear overview, efficiency and speed.

  • Alarms and Chronological Event List

    Ensuring high productivity and saving resources also requires errors and problems to be identified quickly and consistently.

  • Data recording

    You always have an accurately archived and prepared data collection process and therefore a solid basis for competent and quick decisions.

  • Plant Data Collection

    Accurate plant data collection is the basis for a successful operation management. Only this way, corporate strategies can succeed.

  • PDC and Production Optimization

    Plant data collection: Valid, consistent and complete data for successful optimization of production.

  • Comprehensive PDC with HMI/SCADA system

    From HMI to SCADA and reporting: The importance of a comprehensive plant data collection.

  • Recipe Administration

    For the control of complex facilities or production processes - for this zenon offers the capability to manage recipes.

  • Message Control

    By reacting to messages and alarms quickly you can avoid expensive downtime and ensure that the effectiveness of equipment remains high.

  • WinCC-to-zenon Converter

    If you have worked with WinCC up until now, you will be thrilled by this converter. Easily convert your existing WinCC projects to zenon projects.


Profitable engineering

Up to 80% less time required for engineering, strongly reduced start-up times - the bottom line is: ergonomic HMI/SCADA engineering with zenon.




Efficient reusability

zenon elements are reusable in diverse applications, existing variable lists are easy to import. Additionally: templates and wizards substantially reduce engineering efforts. The generation of customer specific variants such as changes of colors, logos, drivers and other parameters are carried out in just a few mouse clicks - complicated programming becomes obsolete.


Economic maintenance

Many maintenance tasks can be performed by the user on-site and, thanks to remote maintenance, system diagnosis and online updates can be carried out during the running Runtime. More efficiency in engineering and operation.


Get to know zenon - contact us!


Flexible integration

zenon can be integrated into any existing infrastructure and is therefore a flexible HMI/SCADA solution considering the increasing complexity of equipment and system environments.




Smooth integration

Over 300 communication protocols are available for trouble-free integration in new machinery as well as in existing equipment. Offering direct access to PLCs and I/Os from various manufacturers, complete platform independency and ERP interfaces enable zenon a seamless integration from sensor to ERP.


Keep an overview

Whether it be a system environment or project versions - zenon connects. Thanks to project versioning and history of changes your projects remain clear and easy to follow.


You can find out more regarding the advantages zenon can offer in an initial conversation, without obligation.


Independent and competitive

In the increasing complex world of automation flexibility wins. With zenon you can remain open to various existing hardware and software systems - and therefore be independent in your HMI/SCADA engineering.




Freedom and flexibility

Do you need the best possible combination of hardware and software for a particular project? zenon offers complete freedom of choice in engineering. Thanks to the effortless integration of various hardware components and software systems, processing tailor-made projects becomes efficient and flexible. Guaranteed - with over 300 native drivers and supported standards.


Adaptability wins

Do you have existing equipment environments, various project versions? zenon integrates and adapts - using consistent usability, from the engineering (templates, wizards, reusable variables, project versioning, history of changes) to the user level.


Be ahead of the competition with zenon. How? Contact us for an initial conversation, without obligation.

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Fact Sheet

zenon 8.00

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Fact Sheets

zenon Release and Support Cycle

All the information you need at a glance

The software industry is a dynamic one. Changes happen continually and, above all, quickly. Therefore, it is fundamental for the development of new product versions not only to stay on the ball with innovations, but to think ahead. The zenon Release and Support Cycle offers our customers and partners better predictability regarding product releases and their connected support deadlines. The lifespan of an individual zenon version is therefore more transparent and can be tracked back to zenon 5.50.


click picture to enlarge:

Compatibility and Service Performance

New zenon versions are fully compatible with their previous versions and we can therefore guarantee our customers long-lasting products. In order to best profit from the advantages of the range of zenon functions we do however always suggest an upgrade to the latest version.

Our sales team would be happy to advise you should you be interested in a Service Level Agreement (SLA) or our Software Upgrade Service (SUS).


Please keep in mind:

  • The specified periods for the license sale, support and product fixes commence with the release date of the new version, not with the individual release date.
  • Due to the zenon runtime and backward compatibility, we can guarantee the long term delivery of zenon products, being able to maintain and run older projects and zenon projects which are no longer serviced (independent of the actual service period of a zenon version).
  • The specified time frames are subject to change in the case of adjustments in the technical framework, such as in the case of a Microsoft operating system being discontinued or other external system components. Therefore, in specific cases for zenon components, maintenance cannot be provided beyond the lifetime of the external components.
  • We reserve the right to carry out bug fixes in the current version only.
  • zenon Logic Embedded products are not subject to the general zenon Release and Support Cycle. Versions and system prerequisites can be found in the respective Embedded product manual. Extensions and corrections for Embedded software products will be provided in successive product versions only.

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