BMW Dynamics Center: zenon - realiable information flow, steady flow of goods (Germany)

Modern commissioning and storage systems are the basis for quickly supplying a distribution structure with parts and accessories. The BMW Group uses its Dynamics Center in Dingolfing to ensure that all replacement parts are at the right place at the right time. zenon visualizes the materials handling from the receipt of goods through to the high bay warehouse.

The car manufacturer has created one of the largest replacement part warehouses in Europe with its Dynamics Center close to the BMW factory in Dingolfing. The building complex covers 153,400 m². Approximately 2,000 suppliers from around the world supply their goods to the central parts delivery centre in Dingolfing. Each individual article is tested for quality, examined and stored. 3,700 dealers worldwide are supplied from the centre. 55,000 transactions are made each day. The receipt and dispatch of goods requires up to 500 trucks and 60 containers each day, which are transported by train. Every year, goods with a total volume of 1.4 million cubic meters are moved.


In order to be constantly competitive in the automotive industry, the central logistics and parts delivery centre must always be as up to date as possible. As part of the most recent expansion, or rather refurbishment, of the Dynamics Center, the computers processing the flow of material were replaced with a Simatic S7- 400 master controller. In addition, BMW also requested a new software solution for the process control level and operation of the control panels, of which there are currently 50. zenon came into play here. zenon from COPA-DATA displays all processes – from the receipt of goods, through internal movement, to dispatch. The solution thus enables the people operating it to know where a replacement part or accessory is at any time.