Safe Operation with Touch and Multi-Touch

The machine operator has learned the ropes quickly. He has only been working in this new area of the company for a short time but has found operating the machines no trouble at all. In the same way as he does on his smartphone, he can switch between views with swipe gestures and zoom into sections using two fingers. The tables and buttons are easy to use – even when wearing gloves.


  • Shorten training time
  • Reduce error rates
  • Maximize operating safety
  • Optimize user-friendliness



safe operation with touch and multi-touch

Two-handed operation via Multi-Touch provides machine operators with support for safety-critical inputs. The operator must activate a release with one hand so that the corresponding action can be carried out by the other hand.



User-friendliness and operating safetymade perfect

User interfaces that have been created with zenon can be operated intuitively and ergonomically without a keyboard or mouse. This is because the gestures familiar to us all from our smartphones and tablets can also be used in the same way in an industrial environment. There is no need for failure-prone peripheral equipment such as mouses and keyboards, as all entries can be made quickly and directly on the screen. This enables you to increase the user-friendliness and safe operation of your plants. Training time is also shortened thanks to the intuitive touch operation feature.



Deploy touch and Multi-Touch with purpose

Familiar gestures such as swiping, panning, zooming, scrolling, etc., are built into zenon. The individual configuration options in zenon make it extremely easy to optimize user interfaces for touch and Multi-Touch operation. For example, the size of a button can be selected so that it can be used without any problems when wearing safety gloves. Or enable two-hand operation via Multi-Touch. This feature is particularly helpful during machine operation when making safety-related entries as it prevents unwanted actions. For example, when performing safety-critical actions, the operator can be first required to activate an unlocking mechanism with one hand in order to then be able to perform the operation with the other hand.


Even 3D views of plants can be displayed with ultimate clarity and be operated easily and intuitively.