From the Steam Engine
to the Smart Factory

From the Steam Engine
to the Smart Factory

The Internet of Things in Automation

The fourth industrial revolution in manufacturing

The fourth industrial revolution in manufacturing

From the Steam Engine to the Smart Factory


The ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Industry 4.0’ are two terms that are increasingly used in discussions, in specialist publications and even in the daily press. New buzzwords? Or a concise description of the future of automated production? Whatever you think, the two visions are much closer to implementation than many realize.

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  • 예측적인 유지보수 관리

    내일 어느 부품이 고장 날 것인지 오늘 알 수 있습니까? 예측이 가능하여 효율적인 유지보수 관리가 가능해집니다. 예측 유지보수 관리를 이용하여...

  • Smart Factory in the F&B industry

    The possibilities that the Smart Factory opens for F&B are varied. How you benefit from Industry 4.0.

  • Smart Automotive Production

    Vertical and horizontal networking as a success factor in smart automobile production.

  • SCADA Security for the Smart Factory

    How secure is your SCADA? Prepare your SCADA system for potential cyber threats and external vulnerabilities.

  • Industry 4.0

    Does the thought of Industry 4.0 intimidate you? We equip you with all you need for an ergonomic transition to the Smart Factory.

  • Energy Management for the Smart Factory of Tomorrow

    What actually makes a production plant into a smart factory? An essential component is energy management.

  • Horizontal and Vertical Integration with zenon

    Produce with greater flexibility, react more quickly and, in doing so, become even more efficient – with minimal consumption of resources of course.

  • On the Road to the Smart Factory

    Future concepts of cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things in production involve discussions of fully networked, self-organizing production systems.

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Industrial Security

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