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Batch Records

Batch Records

with Paper on Glass

“Paper on Glass” is a possibility to automate the operator and production reporting.


With “Paper on Glass” the operator is required to follow a strict procedure. Without exception clearly marked data must be entered in the correct sequence, thus overcoming the problem of missing entries or incorrect data.


With a “Paper on Glass” application the piecing together of information and analysis is completed automatically and so required batch reports can be generated efficiently.

988 kB

Why eliminate paper based production?

When sticking to paper based processes, one has to consider that:

  • Right First Time in paper based batch production is approx. 50%
  • The major cause of rejects or reworks come from missing or incorrect entries
  • The human failure rate in paper based processes is 1:100

“Paper on Glass” can sustainably improve your processes without changes to any production equipment. Reworks and rejects are significantly reduced as production execution is strict. No information is missing from the record, and errors are eliminated as far as possible. No paper needs to be generated, without having to store mountains of paper in secure locations.