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Eminent energy integrator Capula advances to Qualified Partner

UK-based, independent systems integrator, Capula, have an over 40-year history providing UK energy suppliers with transformative automation solutions.

Capula joined the COPA-DATA Partner Community in 2015, but the professional collaboration with COPA-DATA started back in 2009 when Capula sought to explore the marketplace for a new flexible, off-the-shelf control system for its substation projects.


Rolling forward to 2017, zenon is now an integral asset in Capula’s offering to the transmission industry and is used across over 65 sites for the National Grid, at various power station and wind farm applications as well as for electrical distribution. Capula’s decision to choose zenon has proven to be pivotal.



Being a COPA-DATA Partner validates Capula’s record of accomplishment for providing quality solutions and demonstrates their ability to collaboratively adapt to future requirements and employ new technical breakthroughs.


Mark Hardy, Managing Director at Capula, values the close collaboration: “Working with COPA-DATA has been a positive experience. There is an excellent flow of information and we know we can rely on the team at COPA-DATA UK to fully support Capula.”


Visit to explore their solution offer or read more about the collaboration between COPA-DATA and Capula in the Partner Spotlight below.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with Capula’s account manager, Adrian Kimberley (Regional Manager, COPA-DATA UK), at or by calling +44 1633 415338.



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