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Eminent energy integrator Capula advances to Qualified Partner Level

Staffordshire-based systems integrator, Capula, awarded with Qualified Partner status by industrial automation software developer, COPA-DATA. Capula has been a member of the COPA-DATA Partner Community since 2015, however, the company’s newly achieved Qualified partner status is an official acknowledgement of Capula’s proven record of success in the energy industry.

The COPA-DATA Partner Community is a global network of dedicated industrial automation experts. The Community offers interested parties three levels of Partner membership: Registered, Qualified and Expert. Registered Partner, being the entry level, requires members have a certain knowledge and experience with delivering projects using zenon. Qualified Partners are more engaged and involved with zenon in different projects and have received specialised trainings. And the highest tier of membership, Expert Partners, have considerable experience and their expertise is reflected in a consistently growing customer base and market share.

Capula became a Registered Partner of COPA-DATA in 2015, however, the company’s professional collaboration with COPA-DATA began six years beforehand in 2009. Capula began looking for a flexible, off-the-shelf control system for its automation projects and chose COPA-DATA’s platform, zenon.

Capula’s decision to choose COPA-DATA’s software, zenon, has proven to be pivotal and is now an integral part of Capula’s offering to the power transmission industry. Capula is currently using zenon to provide the human-machine interfaces (HMIs) for substation control monitoring, as part of Capula’s IMPERIUM Substation Control System. To date the software has already been used in the first 8 substations covered under National Grid’s SCS (substation control system) framework and will continue to be deployed on numerous sites nationally, and for electrical distribution.

Moving forward to 2017, the professional relationship between COPA-DATA and Capula has gone from strength-to-strength. Since the original collaboration, several members of the Capula team have attended events hosted by COPA-DATA UK. What is more, some Capula employees have also gained official personal certification from COPA-DATA by attending technical training courses in its industrial automation software, zenon.

"Working with COPA-DATA has been a positive experience,” explained Mark Hardy, Managing Director of Capula. “Being a COPA-DATA partner validates Capula’s track record of providing quality solutions and demonstrates its ability to collaboratively adapt to future requirements and employ new technical breakthroughs.”

“Appointing Capula as a Qualified Partner is a real cause for celebration,” explained Martyn Williams, Managing Director of COPA-DATA UK. “Creating long-term, successful partnerships with likeminded companies has always been crucial for us and Capula represents everything we look for in successful members of the COPA-DATA Partner Community.”

Different types of organisations can join COPA-DATA’s Partner Community, including system integrators, original equipment manufacturers, hardware manufacturers, educational institutions and research facilities. Some of the key benefits of joining are sales support, customer lead generation, joint marketing, professional training and knowledge transfer.

You can find further information on Capula’s partnership with COPA-DATA along with other successful collaborations, here. Alternatively, if you’d like to enquire further, you can reach Capula’s account manager at COPA-DATA UK, Adrian Kimberley, on or +44 1633 415338.