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Do you want to stand out within the automation industry? Take the opportunity to benefit from the many advantages of partnering with us.


There are plenty of advantages that can be gained from becoming a COPA-DATA partner: personal communication and support, pro-active information, mutual trust, an understanding of your needs, business opportunities and the possibility to participate in product development.


Our aim is to grow together with our partners, with the focus on making automation an easy, hands-on, enjoyable experience.

Partner Guide (General)

Partner Guide (General)

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Educational Institutions & Research Facilities

COPA-DATA is the technology leader in the market of industrial automation software. Consequently, the collaboration with Educational Institutions and Research Facilities is key. Research projects, internships, bachelor/master theses or other projects support us to keep this position on the market.

Are you interested in driving innovation together with us in the automation industry? Download the Partner Guide for Educational Institutions and Research Facilities to learn more about the membership within the COPA-DATA Partner Community.

Partner Guide for Educational Institutions...

Partner Guide for Educational Institutions & Research Facilities

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Growing Together

Using "Growing Together" as our motivation, we focus on several areas: growing the knowledge transfer to our partners, growing the business opportunities with our partners and, finally, growing the network of partners around the world.

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COPA-DATA Partner Community – Growing Together