Smart Checklist for the Automotive Industry

Digital workflow management with zenon and the Smart Checklist

When it comes to Smart Factories, the automotive sector is a pioneer. A central approach of the Smart Factory is digitalization. Working processes and production processes can be digitalized in zenon with the Smart Checklist. Safety checks, maintenance work etc., is then no longer kept in paper form, but in digital form. In doing so, the user is guided through the checklist step by step

zenon Smart Checklist

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zenon Smart Checklist

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Increased efficiency and fewer errors through digital workflows

The operator of a production machine is guided step by step through the necessary actions. As a result, possible errors are precluded from the start. Digital recording is also quicker than manual recording, so the Smart Checklist thus provides major increases to efficiency. In addition, data is recorded without omissions and can be used flexibly for further processing (such as in quality management, for example).


In this article, you can read how the Smart Checklist digitalizes and simplifies checking processes, and how they support you in your daily work.