Alarm Administration in the Automotive Industry with zenon

Automotive Alarm Management

Reacting faster and avoiding downtime


Response times for alarm messages are crucial in reducing downtime, saving money and preventing employee stress. Performing an accurate analysis offers enormous potential for process optimization. At a time when the automotive industry must reduce production costs and increase efficiency, alarm administration provides an opportunity to achieve these goals. zenon Automotive Edition supports you in leveraging this opportunity. You can introduce easy-to-understand, internationally uniform standards and structure alarms to ensure that only the most important messages are communicated. Messages can be accessed any time and anywhere. If desired, the acknowledgment process can also be performed quickly on mobile end devices.

Alarm Administration with zenon...

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Alarm Administration with zenon in the Automotive Industry

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Structure alarm messages for an improved overview

The alarm message list (AML) in zenon features a variety of filter options. For example, alarms can be classified by alarm/event group, alarm/event class or alarm area. If necessary, reduce them to only the most important and relevant messages. Minimize downtime and, as a result, the loss of capital and earnings. Diverse criteria for filtering alarms are predefined in the Editor. Filters can be created in Runtime and saved there for any given user. You gain a quicker overview of situations; immediately identify where the issue is when a critical interruption to production occurs.


Use targeted analyses to optimize production

Alarm causes can be freely defined to prevent unstructured manual entries. Evaluation of alarms is simplified, which saves time and ensures clarity in the subsequent analysis. Users can look at the zenon Software Platform's comprehensive, customized alarm analyses to learn about previous alarms. Errors are reduced and the system and its productivity can be continuously optimized.


Standardize your alarm messages for international production locations

Increasing internationalization and the associated ethnic diversity of the workforce present new challenges in the operation of production systems. zenon includes a configurable language selection and measuring unit conversion function to ensure that language is not a barrier for employees at different locations. This enables employees to learn more quickly how to spot errors and how to respond. It also eliminates incorrect responses and misinterpretation resulting from insufficient language knowledge, while standardizing the system and processes.


Prevent unnecessary stress

In addition to preventing alarm flooding and providing an easy method for switching the language of alarms, zenon communicates clear alarm descriptions in Runtime, rather than error codes. This eliminates the need for employees to spend time flipping through manuals and prevents unnecessary stress.


Respond from anywhere

The zenon Software Platform grants you easy, secure access to the system and alarms, regardless of your location. Employees can respond from mobile devices, wherever they are at that moment. The required information can be obtained through mobile access via a web server or smartphone gateway. Downtime and the associated loss of production are minimized –  providing great potential for improved profitability.