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There are many routes that can lead to Operational Excellence (OPEX). And as each and every organization is unique, different paths need to be taken. The history of OPEX is littered with failed attempts, why? The answer is simple: People expected a one stop fix, people didn’t understand the culture and mechanisms, and people didn’t acknowledge it is a journey of commitment.

Operational Excellence (OPEX)

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Operational Excellence (OPEX)

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The hierarchy of influence surprises many:

1st: People

2nd: Process

3rd: Equipment

4th: Management


Ergonomics takes this to emphasize the knowledge of each, giving one ideal solution to all.

We could discuss this a lot, but here is one example: Real time cost accounting on the current batch. Grab running and media data from the equipment, grab media and energy costs from the business IT. You know the running time and quantities, now you know down to the last ‘Dime’ how much this batch is costing you, how much profit this batch made, and all in comparison to the last batches.

Another example: Pre batch classification. You know the tolerances of all running data, create a signature for each unit in the supply chain, and view as a single line on a chart for what happened in production. Incorporate this with a RBE (Report By Exception) report, and you have a simple, clear analysis in real time on the running batches or on completed batches.

No confusingly complex analysis, no person in sight, automatic and on the table when you need it.

If you want to learn more about OPEX, you can also find more detailed information in our White Paper.