Smart Cities with zenon

Smart Cities with zenon

zenon for Smart Cities

COPA-DATA is an official and worldwide member of Microsoft’s CityNext initiative and profoundly contributes to establishing Smart Cities. Smart City solutions with zenon can considerably support governments and its citizens to face the challenges of tomorrow, especially in the areas of energy, water/waste water, public transportation and smart buildings. The results are astonishing: greater efficiency throughout, lower consumption of valuable resources, decreasing costs, intuitive operation and a highly scalable, future-proof and sustainable solution.

Karl Gugerbauer, Hotel Gugerbauer

“With zenon, I can see all 30 heating loops for the entire hotel right away; without even having to take a single step. All processes, values and trends can be easily tracked and accessed from one place.”

Camilo de Arriba, GE Digital Energy

“COPA-DATA facilitates the job with consistent support, providing a quick and efficient response.”

Laura Ipsen, Microsoft

“We’re thrilled to partner with COPA-DATA on CityNext. Microsoft prioritizes putting people and partners first in our initiatives and CityNext is no different.”

René Gottsbacher, KNAPP Systemintegration GmbH

“zenon is a very open and independent system. Thanks to the diversity of the more than 300 drivers, it communicates with just about every hardware and software product out there.”

Thomas Lantermann, Mitsubishi Electric

“We are simply amazed how quickly, easily and effectively the COPA-DATA solution was created to our specifications.”

Salman Rauf, AMPS - Al Khoba

“We enormously benefit from efficient and ergonomic engineering in zenon. The powerful features and functions decrease time required for engineering by more than 80%.”


Success Story

Leibnitzerfeld Wasserversorgung (Austria)

1.6 MB

Gorenjske Elektrarne...

Success Story

Gorenjske Elektrarne (Slovenia)

1.8 MB

Leitwind (Croatia)

Success Story

Leitwind (Croatia)

617 kB

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  • zenon in Energy
  • Renewable Energy
  • Reporting for Hydro-electric Power Plants

    Simple and efficient reporting for hydro-electric power plants with zenon Analyzer.

  • Ergonomic Substation Automation

    zenon Energy Edition offers the entire palette of functionality for automated substations.

  • zenon na indústria de Energia

    zenon é um sistema de gestão de energia de primeira linha e pode ser utilizado com qualquer tipo de hardware.

  • Redes Inteligentes 1: Process Gateway de zenon

    O fornecimento de energia está se convertendo de um sistema highway para dual. Como integrar diversos pequenos produtores de forma eficiente?

  • Redes Inteligentes 2: no nível de média e baixa...

    Os sistemas SCADA, como zenon, são úteis para interligar de forma eficiente os diversos sistemas envolvidos e realizar a comunicação entre eles.

  • Redes inteligentes 3: Energia renovável e segurança...

    Gerencie, monitore e controle as redes inteligentes com o sistema SCADA zenon.

zenon for public transport


8.1 MB

Easy Transjurane (Switzerland)

Success Story

Easy Transjurane (Switzerland)

196 kB

Jernbaneverket (Norway)

Success Story

Jernbaneverket (Norway)

0.9 MB

More Success Stories

Salzburg University of Applied...

Success Story

Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (Austria)

1.3 MB

Montblanc (Germany)

Success Story

Montblanc (Germany)

121 kB

Getrag Ford Transmissions...

Success Story

Getrag Ford Transmissions (Slovakia)

171 kB

  • ISO 50001 Sistemas de Gestão de Energia

    Implementação bem-sucedida da ISO 50001 com a Linha de Produtos zenon.

  • Gestão de Dados de Energia com zenon

    Avalie dados de energia, otimize o equipamento, reduza custos de energia

  • What you need to know about the ISO 50001 certification

    Our White Paper gives you an overview of the most common questions about an ISO 50001:2011 certification.

  • Reduzir seus custos e proteger o meio ambiente

    Como implementar e certificar com sucesso Sistemas de Gestão de Energia de acordo com a ISO 50001:2011