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Cost-effective infrastructure: zenon in the cloud

The uppermost objective of many manufacturing companies is to increase overall equipment effectiveness and at the same time reduce consumption in all factories. However, in doing so, there is often much potential for optimization that remains unexploited, because both production and consumption data is only available on an isolated basis, i.e. for each location individually. What can you do? Move your data from your zenon project to the cloud and benefit from company-wide benchmarking.

The challenge: distributed production, isolated data

Major manufacturing companies have usually distributed their production to many individual factories in different countries. However initiatives relating to reduction of consumption, energy management, OEE and performance increases often take place in a completely isolated manner, i.e. only at individual locations. Many different systems are usually used in the process, which often cannot communicate with one another. What is lacking are tools for benchmarking throughout plants and comprehensive analyses of overall consumption or quality figures for the complete company.

The solution: one system, benchmarking throughout sites

With the integration of zenon into the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, it is possible to provide all data from individual production sites of a company in just one system, in near-real-time. As a result of this, people in charge of production can get an overview of overall consumption and overall effectiveness, compare individual production lines with one another and thus improve quality management. With the help of this comprehensive collection of data, zenon consequently also supports predictive analytics solutions. Evaluations of the data from individual production sites are of course still possible. The zenon cloud solution integrates different systems, as a cockpit for key figures and makes it possible to have data in near-real-time and also historical. Additional Big Data tools supplement the scenario and can be used for further analyses. Hybrid scenarios, i.e. a solution that is a combination of cloud and "on-premises", can also be easily implemented. Particularly sensitive data can thus continue to be saved only locally.

The benefit: cost-effective, scalable as desired, reliable

Operators who use zenon in the cloud benefit from numerous advantages:

  • New and comprehensive possibilities for the optimization of production and reduction of consumption
  • Cost-effective infrastructure
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Reliable and secure IT infrastructure
  • Near-real-time and historical data analysis

Pilot customers needed!

Are you ready to take the next step to a smart factory? You can also benefit from the advantages of cross-plant benchmarking with zenon by registering for our pilot program today. Write us at