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Data archiving rethought: the zenon Big Data Solution

Where should the masses of data go? This question is being asked more frequently by people in charge of production at manufacturing companies. When collecting plant data, there are quantities of data that need to be archived on a daily basis. This often entails high costs. A cheap method of storage is often at the expense of simple re-readability of the data. With the zenon Big Data Solution, we are offering you a cost-effective and ergonomic storage solution for large amounts of data.

The starting point: Long-term data archiving

The reasons why manufacturing companies archive their data on a long-term basis is the same in virtually all industries. Compliance is the main issue. What is necessary for this is traceability and seamless documentation of how the product is created and the product quality, and most of all adherence to legal requirements. However there is another reason in the big data environment, which should not be underestimated: Today, we do not know which data we will need for the analyses of tomorrow. In the sense of quality management, predictive maintenance and the ability to innovate and be competitive, it is recommended that many data points are saved today – with as high a granularity as possible.

The challenge: making much data available at any time

There are many possibilities for data storage. Our experience has shown: The cheaper the storage medium, the worse and more expensive the re-readability of the data. The cheaper and very-widespread version entails the data being moved to external media, such as magnetic tapes. Regardless of the difficult and cumbersome re-readability of data, this version is also not recommended due to the difficulty of calculating the risk of data loss. Alternatively, the data can be saved to a database. This method is good for simple availability of data, but is expensive in comparison. Regardless of which of these conventional storage solutions is selected, there is a bitter aftertaste: the possibilities for analysis on the basis of archived data are frequently slow, only possible to a limited extent, uncomfortable and entail lots of work.

The solution: Data archiving in the cloud

With the combined use of zenon, the Microsoft cloud-integrated StorSimple storage (CiS) and Microsoft Azure, zenon becomes an ergonomic Big Data Solution. In this setup, zenon Historian is equipped with a connection to Microsoft Azure cloud storage. In doing so, zenon uses its conventional native archiving technology, consisting of archives, aggregated archives, dynamic re-readability, trend evaluations etc. In doing so, the archived data points are not saved locally on the panel or PC, but on a hardware appliance in the internal network, the CiS. This dynamic storage gateway ensures, with a current capacity of 120 TB, that the data in the Azure cloud storage is moved and safely archived there. Regardless of age, scope or relevance of the data, zenon users can access all data at any time and use this for their evaluations, for example in a trend.

The benefits: considerable cost savings, minimized risks, better ergonomics

The zenon Big Data Solution makes it possible to have a very cost-effective storage solution for large amounts of data. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can thus be reduced by 40-60%.

In addition, the Big Data Solution with zenon also provides protection from loss of data and unauthorized data access. The following precautions have been made for this:

  • Automatic backup
  • Redundancy (georedundancy as an option)
  • Quick and simple disaster recovery
  • Storage of binary files (zenon archive files)
  • Hardware encryption (AES-256)
  • Saving of metadata in the local zenon Runtime only

Furthermore, users benefit from improved ergonomics: Quick and simple evaluations in Runtime up to 120 TB are possible.

zenon Big Data Solution at SPS IPC Drives

Together with Microsoft, we are presenting the new Big Data Solution on the basis of the technologies of zenon, Microsoft Azure and CiS for the first time at SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg, from November 25 - 27, 2014. Find out for yourself and visit us in Hall 7, Booth 590. You can also arrange an appointment in advance.