Effective production requires robust factory production software

Machine outages have huge consequences – both financially and in terms of lost confidence and unhappy customers. Supply bottlenecks and high additional costs can cause damage to businesses, and the ramifications for machine builders may include loss of confidence, lots of maintenance work, and – in the worst-case scenario – lost customers. Machines which are intended to operate with reliability and integrity in the long term also require robust manufacturing production software that can be relied on: zenon.


  • Satisfied end customers thanks to robust software
  • Risk reduction through reliability
  • Less effort expended on maintenance and support
  • Reliable and easy updates
  • Increased factory production


Many factors influence the robustness of industrial systems. zenon addresses each of these factors with innovative approaches.



Focused prevention of machine outages

Unplanned machine outages normally cause enormous problems and entail high costs. The basic requirements for machines are therefore a durable construction, easy operation, and robust software. zenon can alleviate all these concerns for you and your customers. zenon projects run in a stable and fail-safe manner – over a period of years and with many versions. Even updates can usually be installed without having to stop the machine. For machine builders, this primarily means fewer machine outages and therefore less effort expended on maintenance and support.



Robust and fail-safe factory production software

The robust and stable zenon software is run all over the world on the production machines of numerous companies in industries such as automotive, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical, and other sectors. The straightforward design,  sophisticated redundancy mechanisms, and innovative update methods help ensure zenon's trouble-free operation and . These features are available out-of-the-box without the need for onerous programming work.


Projects can be subjected to extensive testing, even during the engineering stage, whereby real conditions can be simulated, thus saving you time and money during both commissioning and maintenance. Updates and upgrades can be installed during operation without the need for production downtime. You can therefore increase the reliability of the entire facility on an ongoing basis.


With its direct connectivity, zenon also minimizes risk and performance losses which might arise from heterogeneous facilities and numerous different interfaces. zenon also provides its own drivers and protocols, so it connects to most machines with ease.