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zenon 7.60 - The highlights of the current version of zenon

With its annual release cycles, zenon offers new functionality on an ongoing basis, which makes work more ergonomic for both the engineer and the user of the project. We would like to particularly stress these highlights in zenon 7.60.

Fast Facts

  • New zenon Process Recorder module for consistent recording and analysis of processes
  • Context Lists for the structuring of manually-entered data
  • Shift Management for the planning and documentation of shift-based production
  • User-friendly tool for the integration of 3D models

zenon Process Recorder

The zenon Process Recorder is used to record processes completely. If existing tools, such as the Alarm Message List or the Chronological Event List, cannot record things with enough traceability, the Process Recorder provides information on the precise processes during operation. Events and status can be followed one-to-one over a time line.

Context Lists for the Analysis of Alarm Causes

The new “Context List” screen type helps users to structure manually-entered data. Analysis of the alarm causes is one area where it is used. Descriptions of alarm causes are pre-defined and harmonized in the Context List. As a result, it is ensured that each operator uses standardized descriptions. The alarm causes are retained for possible subsequent analysis.

Increased Functionality for Styles

zenon 7.60 enhances the scope of functions of the Styles. Styles in zenon help the engineer to transfer screen designs easily and consistently. Styles stipulate object properties (such as line thickness, color, etc.) of static and dynamic screen elements. They are created and maintained centrally.

zenon Shift Management

Shift Management in zenon allows you to plan and document shift-based production processes. Shift-based production analyses are thus possible. Integration into zenon Message Control allows an efficient communication chain for alarms, because only the available person from the corresponding shift is notified.

3D Integration

Engineer can integrate 3D models into their projects even more simply and easily with zenon 7.60. This is made possible by a new, user-friendly tool for 3D integration. For the machine operator, there are intuitive displays of production machines in three-dimensional views, which are linked to variable values. As a result, process information can be visualized in the 3D model directly.


With zenon 7.60, Microsoft Visual Studio serves as programming environment for easy and professional development of Add-Ins for the zenon Editor and zenon Runtime. With Microsoft Visual Studio, an up-to-date and future-proof platform for the programming of your own functionalities and automated engineering is offered.

Highlights especially for the Energy Sector

Integration of data from geo-information systems (GIS): Electricity grids are shown in the zenon visualization in geographic mapping material with the GIS Editor and GIS Control. Current statuses (such as alarms) can be shown on the map directly.

Impedance-based fault location: The measured impedance is used to establish where in the grid the error that occurred is located. The location of faults and the reaction to these is thus more precise and faster.