IIOT Machine to Machine Communication

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is becoming ever more important. It refers to machines which communicate directly with each other, release orders in a just-in-time schedule, provide information on production processes and status, avoid unnecessary detours, and save time. This also makes "batch size of one" feasible: customized products and extras for every end customer with color, size, and properties being configured according to customer requirements. The market is moving away from mass-produced items. But with which systems can this be achieved?


  • Secure networking thanks to openness and connectivity
  • Make the digital factory a reality
  • Competitive advantage through digitization
  • Seamless Machine to Machine Communication


zenon enables secure and flexible communication with other machines and systems.



On the best path to the digital factory

The Smart Factory requires high connectivity and communication capabilities. With zenon, you can integrate different machines and equipment into intra- and inter-organizational systems without any problems. The many communication protocols and open interfaces supported by zenon enable not only machines tomachine communication , but also with other process levels, such as logistics. This enables effective networking with different systems along the entire production chain – from ordering to the end user of the product. This means that you and your customers can be best prepared for future developments in the Smart Factory. Sophisticated digitization and secure networking of facilities will secure your competitive edge.


Open systems for secure networking

The ability of zenon to communicate with differing systems is the perfect basis for networked factories. It enables simple communication between machines (M2M communication). zenon supports numerous standards, norms, and protocols such as the Weihenstephan Standards, OMAC PackML standardization, and OPC UA.


As a result, heterogeneous hardware and existing software systems will find a central communications interface in zenon. With strong encryption, zenon also provides additional security over the network.


Machines which are equipped with zenon can be conveniently integrated into cloud-based IoT infrastructures – for example, following standards such as MQTT or AMQP. As a result, zenon applications can be implemented across multiple systems and factories.