Industry 4.0 in the
Automotive Industry

Industry 4.0 in the
Automotive Industry

Smart production with consistent networking

Industry 4.0 and the concept of the Smart Factory is the hot topic among companies in the Automotive Industry. Car manufacturers and supplier companies are facing the challenge of putting production data, both from different sources and throughout the complete value added chain, together in relation to one another.

Two central factors of smart production are vertical and horizontal integration. Great flexibility is required of manufacturing companies as a result of these developments, which also opens up new opportunities. However, critical issues such as new security requirements are also being focused on more and more.


Horizontal integration

Horizontal integration means that individual machines, plants or production units can be connected to one another. Integration beyond areas within a company - of machines to storage systems and operating resources – is part of horizontal integration, just like communication beyond company limits.
zenon supports horizontal integration in many ways, including over 300 native protocols that make communication in heterogeneous production landscapes possible.


Vertical integration

Vertical integration networks beyond hierarchy levels – from the sensor in production through to the smartphone at business level. Production data can be transferred to the ERP system directly or saved in the cloud.



Networked systems must remain flexible in order to be able to react to changes quickly. Horizontal and vertical integration with zenon helps you achieve more flexibility. As a result of the openness of zenon, production systems can be scaled and expanded more easily. Networks can be set up individually and flexibly with a few mouse clicks.



As a result of ever-more networked systems and the integration of different devices, it is necessary to make production IT more transparent to the outside. This consequently also lead to more security loopholes and points of attack being opened. COPA-DATA is approaching this topic in order to meet the requirements of networked production facilities. Integrated security technologies and concepts such as Security by Design can support you to build-up secure production operations.