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Certification for the highest quality standards

COPA-DATA has been awarded the official certificate of conformity to the ISO 9001 standard. The final audit by TÜV Süd confirms that COPA-DATA has implemented far-reaching processes for quality assurance.

Success is not served up on a plate, but is the result of long-term planning and the implementation of targeted efforts. To achieve quality goals, strategic management is required. It is for this reason that COPA-DATA decided to pursue the ISO 9001 certification.


"It was a logical step for us to align the demands of our quality management with the highest international standard and to undergo an ISO 9001:2015 certification process," says Reinhard Mayr, Head of Information Security and Research Operations, explaining the company’s motivation for participating in the audit process.


Gold standard ISO 9001

The 9001 standard from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is the gold standard for quality management. It is the most widely used international standard in this field. The standard establishes a catalog of criteria and a measurement tool so that companies quality assurance efforts are comparable. It helps to ensure the best possible processes, customer satisfaction, efficiency and responsiveness.


TÜV auditors Alexander Langer and Manuel Leitner present Wolfgang Moser and Reinhard Mayr with the certificate identifying COPA-DATA as an ISO 9001:2015 company. (from left, October 2020) 


Not without digitalization

The possibilities of digitalization have proved an essential factor in being able to implement quality management efficiently. TÜV Süd is part of the German Association for Technical Inspection. In its report, it attests COPA-DATA benefits from a high degree of digitalization. For example, the documents required for certification are signed digitally. The company uses sproof sign, an online service for managing digital signatures securely and easily.


"Digitalization and an intensive engagement with information security must always go hand in hand. This is as true for our internal processes as it is for our customers," states Reinhard Mayr. As COPA-DATA’s Head of Research Operations and Security, he deals daily with the pitfalls and threats of cybercrime. The fact that the audit commission found a high level of information and cyber security maturity at COPA-DATA affirms his successful commitment.

Good management drives development forward

Quality management can only work if it is an integral part of the corporate culture. At COPA-DATA, the quality strategy is actively developed by management. Tactical plans ensure that the targets are achievable and, as the TÜV report states, that targets are "implemented in a meaningful and livable way."  

In their final report, the auditors highly commended COPA-DATA. For COPA-DATA, customer satisfaction is just as important as employee orientation. The culture is characterized as an "open culture of discussion". Importantly for ISO 9001, the management system is regarded as a quality management tool.

For COPA-DATA, the new certification is its first for ISO 9001:2015. A recertification will take place in 2023. "The successful certification and the fantastic recognition of our performance will not be a resting place for us. Rather, this is an incentive to become even better in the future," says Wolfgang Moser, COPA-DATA’s Head of People Growth and Organization Development.