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zenon Innovation Days opened up new horizons

From September 7 to 9, the software manufacturer COPA-DATA invited selected customers, partners and research institutions to its hometown of Salzburg for the first-ever zenon Innovation Days.

The zenon Innovation Days 2021 took place under the slogan ‚Working together with COPA-DATA on the future of industrial automation and digitalization‘. Technicians and practitioners from 32 companies operating in different industries discussed the challenges of digitalization and automation and how to reduce tension in the advancing fusion of OT and IT. Personally invited to Salzburg, a total of 40 participants from eleven countries experienced a mix of knowledge sharing, discussion and imaginary trips to the near future of their industries. 
Opening the discussion, Thomas Punzenberger, the CEO and founder of COPA-DATA, said: “The direct exchange with you, our customers and partners, as well as with active researchers is of high importance to us. We seek to understand more about the challenges you face on a daily basis, so please share your thoughts with us so that we can match up to them in our plans. I also ask you to critically question where we can support you more with our zenon Software Platform.”  


Changing the future together


The participants of the zenon Innovation Days were able to individually plan their two days by choosing from a variety of topics. They were able to explore solutions in object-based engineering with zenon Smart Objects; topics related to security, data contextualization and much more. Experts from a wide variety of fields were able to share their experiences with each other and thanks to informal evening events a convivial event atmosphere did not come up short in the hospitable city of Salzburg.

Innovation Days with many fruitful discussions and workshops.


Focusing on the future of zenon


”Digitalization is picking up pace in industrial automation. In order to keep its finger on the pulse, the COPA-DATA Product Management wants to actively approach customers and their wishes and problems. The zenon Innovation Days offered exactly this opportunity and were a complete success. With the new findings from numerous discussion rounds and talks, the existing roadmap for the development of the zenon software Platform will now be reviewed and supplemented. 


Emilian is happy



Impressions from zenon Innovation Days 2021


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