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Gold in Microsoft Cloud Platform competency

As part of the annual review of our Microsoft Partner status, we have satisfied all the requirements to achieve Gold status in the Cloud Platform competency. This proven and acknowledged competency is a milestone for customer projects where cloud computing is a key factor for success.

Achieving Gold status in the Microsoft Cloud Platform competency underlines our knowledge and wealth of experience in smart factory and smart city applications based on our zenon software and the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.


As zenon is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Azure, data can be retrieved and further processed centrally and in real time. This means, for example, that relevant production, performance, or consumption indicators from various locations can be captured, collected, processed further, and compared in order to identify potential for improvement and to take corresponding optimization measures. Thanks to connectivity from the field level up to the cloud, the interaction between the two technologies presents an entirely new range of applications which sees classic automation projects merge with typical IT or business intelligence projects. As a result, production efficiency can be increased, use of resources optimized, and completely new service or business models introduced, to name but a few benefits.


“The requirements for achieving Gold status in this competency are high,” explains Johannes Petrowisch, Global Partner & Business Development Manager at COPA-DATA. “One of the criteria, for example, was to have achieved Azure sales amounting to at least 100,000 US dollars within the last twelve months. This shows that companies have to implement customer projects on a relatively large scale and in a relatively short space of time to obtain the necessary competency. We are therefore particularly pleased that we have been able to evidence this and put ourselves forward as an expert partner for cloud projects.”


With the awarding of competencies, Microsoft is supporting its partners in the Microsoft Partner Network to advertise their industry-leading skills and specialist knowledge in a professional manner and to clearly set themselves apart from the competition. In order to achieve one or more of the 18 competencies in the six categories available at present, it is necessary to meet certain requirements and to evidence these in annual reviews. Depending on the extent to which these requirements have been met, a company may be awarded either a Gold or a Silver competency. Only partners that have shown consistent high performance and exceptional commitment are given Gold competencies.


COPA-DATA currently has the following Microsoft competencies:

Gold competency in Application Development

Gold competency in Cloud Platform