Cut Down on Distances Traveled through Decentralization

Have you ever tried to estimate the distance a machine operator covers each day when he has to walk from machine to machine to perform each action, read measured values, and deal with each alarm? Before zenon, nearly eleven kilometers were recorded on one packaging line for one machine operator over the course of one day. With zenon, these distances were reduced significantly.


  • Added transparency and improved overviews
  • Shorter distances covered, therefore saving time
  • Efficient project changes and maintenance



multi-project administration with zenon

zenon shortens the distances a production employee has to walk between machines during the day. The time saved in this way can then be used more efficiently.



Ergonomic software for faster responses

The solution to take the strain off operators is known as horizontal transparency: this makes it possible to access and operate the project of the local machine and the projects of other machines on the same device. This cross-project operation enables the user to respond to problems in production quickly without having to cover large distances in the production hall. This is made possible with Multi-Project Administration in zenon.


With respect to project changes, Multi-Project Administration also ensures that hardly any downtime is required. What's more, risk, maintenance, and revalidation work in strictly regulated environments remain easily manageable in the event of updates.



Multi-Project Administration in zenon

Projects in zenon make decentralization and horizontal transparency exceptionally easy. With the aid of Multi-Project Administration, you can create, for example, a project package consisting of several small projects, rather than one large project. This enables projects from different areas of production to be brought together into one master project in a clear and structured manner. You can launch, monitor, and control several visualization projects on a PC at the same time, and the optimized distribution of the workload in a decentralized structure provides a better overview as well as increased performance and security.


Multi-Project Administration also makes zenon circular redundancy possible. In this special form of seamless redundancy, a project server also functions as a standby server, and the other way round. With just a small amount of hardware, this ensures data consistency and reduces the risk of failures occurring.