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COPA-DATA obtains new distributor for Japan

Effective immediately, Yokohama-based LINX R&D Corporation has become the new Japanese distributor for our zenon software system. Founded in 1990, the corporation specializes in the distribution of state-of-the-art automation technology within Japan. In the process of distributing zenon, LINX will leverage its wide and well-established sales and partner network.

“We are delighted to be entering the Japanese market through our new distributor LINX. Our zenon-based solutions are the perfect fit for a high-tech country like Japan. We believe that this market holds significant potential and hope to provide the experts at LINX with the best possible support,” says Stefan Reuther, Chief Sales Officer at COPA-DATA. Several of LINX’s technicians have already received training in zenon, immediately putting them in a position to pass their knowledge on to customers and partners. What’s more, the first zenon projects have already been launched with a system integrator from Japan.

Experienced, networked, specialized

As our new zenon distributor, LINX will exclusively market and distribute the software in the Japanese market in the future. LINX brings several years of experience as a distributor of automation solutions and machine vision systems to the partnership. In addition to its Yokohama headquarters, the corporation operates three sales offices in Japan. Technical training is conducted every month, ensuring that expertise is communicated quickly to project-leading partner companies.

Expansion of the zenon distribution network in Asia and worldwide

With the addition of LINX, COPA-DATA’s international sales network now encompasses 17 distributors worldwide. Together with our eleven subsidiaries, our software solutions are being sold in 60 countries. Our sales network is also supported by over 200 partner companies in the COPA-DATA Partner Community.

Our new zenon distributor in Japan:

LINX R&D Corporation
1-13-11. eda-nishi, Aoba-ku
Yokohama 225-0014
tel.: +81-45 979 0734
fax: +81-45 979 0732
e-mail: info@linx.jp
web: www.linx.jp