New solutions for beverage production - how Industry 4.0 works

The Industry 4.0 concept is currently only spreading slowly in the beverage industry. Manufacturers and companies are faced with major challenges in process automation and further development. zenon connects machines and plants through targeted data acquisition and also creates the ideal IIoT backbone for the future.

The Smart Factory approach of Industry 4.0 has been well-established for several years as a concept for the entirety of production, improving all areas and locations. However, its implementation has been slow-moving. Many companies in the beverage industry are facing enough challenges in the automation of their processes alone. These span implementing beverage manufacturing automation, maintaining it, or refining it to meet new internal and external requirements. Digitalization spanning all system areas and multiple locations is still a fairly distant goal. But where do we start if we want to take the first necessary steps in that direction and ensure both sustainability and competitiveness?



Building bridges between isolated islands

impact manufacturing quality and reliability. The system has to continue running so as not to jeopardize sales and revenue. This is where our software-driven approach comes in. Using the zenon Software Platform, you gain access to data for your existing system and machines, and can then use this data to generate valuable information for smoother beverage manufacturing automation.
For example: what is the relationship between the production data and the actual energy consumption data? How does this compare to other production locations? What trends and forecasts can be predicted based on the current machine data? When you use zenon, you gain knowledge that improves your existing manufacturing process in a sustainable way and sheds light on dark areas thanks to customized reports.


The many communication protocols in zenon make it easy to work with heterogeneous production landscapes. Plus, vertical connection to additional (ERP) systems is intended as part of the design. Likewise, the zenon API makes it possible to connect to high-performance third-party systems to evaluate and display beverage manufacturing data with transparency and security. In addition, zenon can ensure ergonomic machine operation in production and, thanks to zenon Batch Control, make beverage production processes extremely easy and flexible.



Forward-looking IIoT backbone for machines and systems

An increasing number of business models are being developed in the area of machine provision. "Machine as a Service" (MaaS) or "Pay per unit" offer an answer to rapid digital transformation for many production companies; helping them meet today's requirements for a machine supplier's services sooner. As such, maintenance orders are becoming part of the responsibility of the machine manufacturer or provider. Data about the productivity of a machine is becoming essential to the fundamental billing model. There has to be the facility to continuously monitor the status of the machine and its individual parts and their external control. This means that connectivity to various cloud platforms must be enabled. Cutting-edge automation software platforms like zenon provide this connectivity, which also serves to ensure the compatibility of future versions and required security updates.


Our beverage manufacturing software platform forms the digital backbone, so to speak, of the machines and systems of tomorrow. It ensures the backend is running stably and the machine is working. The frontend can be connected to third-party systems and configured using ergonomic HMI design in a way that meets the end user's needs, no matter what other technology is being used. The software solution is not hardware-specific and, thanks to its variety of drivers, it provides a development environment that supports a wide range of mechanical engineering and OEM requirements.


Are you looking for targeted innovation for the beverage industry through Industry 4.0 implementation? Rely on the comprehensive software platform zenon and discover the future of beverage production today.